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Governance is about ensuring that the right things are done in the right way, for the right people, in a timely, inclusive, open and accountable way. It comprises the systems, processes, culture and values by which organisations are directed and controlled, and through which they account to, engage with and, where appropriate, lead their communities.

Corporate Governance Framework

The Corporate Governance Framework within which the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and Chief Constable govern, both jointly and separately, comprises:

  • A Statement of Corporate Governance, which provides the statutory framework and local policy to give clarity to the way that relationship functions
  • A Code of Corporate Governance, which sets out how core principles will be implemented
  • A Scheme of Governance and Consent, which defines the parameters within which the PCC and Chief Constable conduct their business.

A Corporate Governance Working Group reviews and provides feedback on the effectiveness of the corporate governance systems determined by the PCC and Chief Constable.

Read our Corporate Governance Framework

Statement of Corporate Governance and Code of Corporate Governance

The Statement of Corporate Governance and Code of Corporate Governance are published within the Scheme of Governance and Consent.

Scheme of Governance and Consent

The Scheme of Governance and Consent governs the interrelationship between the PCC and Chief Constable, setting out those powers which may be exercised by either the PCC or Chief Constable or others acting on their behalf.

It comprises a number of key elements, including:

  • A Decision-Making and Accountability Framework
  • Financial Regulations
  • Contract Standing Orders.

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