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PCC Office

Welcome to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk (OPCCN). The role of the office is to support Norfolk’s elected Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in the delivery of the county’s Police and Crime Plan.

The office team is led by Chief Executive Mark Stokes who holds one of two statutory posts within the OPCCN. The other statutory post is that of Chief Finance Officer Jill Penn.

PCC Office team

Joining Mark and Jill on the leadership team are two senior managers responsible for performance and scrutiny (including compliance, complaints and business support), and policy and commissioning (including communications and engagement).

Key functions

what we do

What we do

This illustration gives a visual overview of what we do. 

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How we work

Our Business Plan for 2020/21 outlines how we work.

Business Plan

Business Plan

We have an arrangement in place with Norfolk Constabulary to use the services of a number of its departments, including Human Resources, ICT, finance, legal and estates. More information on this arrangement can be found within the Scheme of Governance and Consent on the Governance page.